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If you want to cut a fine figure this season, consider measuring yourself for a suit. Not sure where to start? Well, grab your measuring tape and follow our instructions below:


You may need a hand to take the following measurements: the shoulder, chest, waist, sleeve length and inner leg. Remember not to pull the tape measure tight. It should be flush against you. This means the tape should neither be cutting into you nor have any slack. For the best fit, take the measurement to the nearest inch.

Our suits are sold by chest size in terms of the jacket and waist size for the trousers. Once you have your measurements, choose your preferred style. All our ‘off the peg’ suits are designed to fit most proportions well.  If you’re between sizes then you’re going to want to try on a couple of each.

The most important thing is how the shoulders fit, so start with the chest size you measured up for (or the nearest two sizes) and ensure you have the perfect fit at your shoulders as this can’t be changed by a tailor. Once you have the shoulders right, you may perhaps find that a tailored suit is a little too roomy at the waist and sleeves. So go for a slim or skinny fit instead. Similarly if a skinny fit is too snug and you’re much more muscular or broad, you may achieve the ideal fit with a slim fit or tailored suit.

Not getting the exact look you’re after? Make sure your suit fits right on the shoulders and then head to a tailor for some minor alterations. Always bear in mind that it is easier to take a suit in than to make it bigger. If the shoulders are perfect and you have gone for the fit that best suits your body type, a tailor will have no problems making the necessary adjustments. You’ll feel like you’re in a custom-made suit for a fraction of the price.

Now read our guide on the perfect fit for a man’s suit to ensure you’re ready for every occasion this season.

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