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In an ideal world we’d be sipping a cold beverage in shorts and a t-shirt all year round. Sadly, if you live on this side of the equator, that’s not possible. Thanks to the impending unpredictable winter weather the ‘throw-on-and-get-out-the-door’ mentality becomes a bit more difficult come October, or at least it would be if we hadn’t compiled some handy tips to help side-line the pitfalls of cold-climate dressing. Think you’re going to freeze in that t-shirt, or roast to death in a chunky knit? Think again, thanks to our easy guide for how to layer-up effortlessly to stay smart and comfortable wherever you’re headed.


The weekend

Shop coats

Whether you’re hitting the gym, running some errands or meeting a mate for a beer, a laid-back weekend deserves a failsafe outfit. Enter the puffer, overshirt and t-shirt combo. In and out all day, or just not sure where the weather is going? This outfit has every eventuality covered. Paired with your favourite jeans a cord overshirt works as a great way to control your temperature, acting both as a jacket or a shirt, depending on your needs. Add in a puffer and a t-shirt and you’ll be able to navigate the chill outside and heating inside with ease – problem solved.


The office

Shop jumpers 

There’s nothing smart about a sweaty commute into work. With all the to-ing and fro-ing combined with the office aircon, being comfortable at your 9-5 can be work itself. That’s why the knit + suit + overcoat combination is layering at most effective. A suit jacket can be worn on and off, depending on the dress code and the temperature. Accessorise with a smart maroon scarf for a layering job well done.


Match day

Shop parkas

We can’t promise you’ll always win the match, but what we can promise – win or lose –  is that you’ll look good doing it. Match-day dressing needs to follow simple rules. Comfortable, weather-proof and easy to throw on, meaning a jumper and parka have it nailed. Drinking at a ‘no colours’ pub? A grey jumper helps you blend in with the crowd be it a home or away game, and a warm parka helps battle the Saturday-morning frost bite, so you can so you can focus on the important stuff.


Date night

Shop roll-neck jumpers

Being hot and heavy on a date is definitely not what you want in the style department, especially when you’re trying to keep your cool and impress a certain person. You also have to walk that line of looking like you’ve made an effort, but not looking like you’re trying too hard, which is where your trusted autumn/winter friend the roll-neck jumper comes in. Smart, suave and seriously cosy, pair with a padded jacket – if things go well you can be a gent and offer up your jacket without the immediate threat of freezing to death yourself.


Happy hour

Shop cardigans

Who doesn’t love happy hour? If you’re heading out for some drinks and aren’t sure where the night will take you, may we introduce the shirt, cardigan, and coat combo – you can’t go wrong as you can remove the layers as you go along. A smart check coat pulls any outfit together and paired with black trousers, you can go straight from work to pub, or from the pub to dinner.  A subtle colour-coordinated cardigan adds a buffer to a chilly night-bus home so you can be right as rain – or at least feel alright in the rain if one drink turns into a few.

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