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5 Autumn Date Ideas

Crunchy leaves, scenic views, smoky bonfires… Autumn is one of the most romantic times of the year. However whatever the season, its always tricky to plan dates, but with a little imagination you’re sure to sweep them off their feet. Get ready to impress your partner (or potential one!) with our top autumn date ideas:

  1. Going to a gig

What more could you need than a great atmosphere and a great band! Pick a smaller venue for a more intimate setting and chance to talk properly before the show. For extra brownie points keep it a surprise and don’t tell her what you’ve planned. It will definitely be a date to remember!


2. Long Walk

Wrap up warm and go for a long walk in the park or down the beach if you live near one. If you’re more of the romantic type and really want to sweep her off her feet wait until sunset and this will make it that little bit more cheesy! End the date by grabbing some hot coco – this will definitely go down a treat!


3. Museum Day

Do a little research and visit one of the best museums around you, we recommend an art museum – that way you won’t look silly if you missed a history lesson on something! It’s a great date idea especially if you know it’s going to rain – grab a nice lunch in-between and you’re sorted for the whole day!


4. Borrow a Dog

We know what you’re thinking… how is that a date? Here’s how! If your partner is a dog lover head over to Borrow My Doggy and borrow a dog for a day. It’s simple – you both can have all of the fun for the day without the long term dog commitments. Take the dog for a walk, play some games, eat and hand the dog back to its owner.


5. Weather Proof Pub Garden

Just because Summer is over it doesn’t mean that’s the end of pub gardens! Have a browse around for a pub garden with a shelter and some heaters – grab a nice cold pint and meal together, it’s easy, cheap and great for first dates.


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